posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The winds were still against us but showed a little more mercy giving us a break every now and then. We had to climb only 400 metres more to reach Tizi ‘n Tischka pass. The wind force picked up when we reached the top; we hoped not to get blown back down where we had started. Marrakesh was all the way downhill or almost. The distance punctuated at regular intervals by hand painted, stone road marks. It was about time to find a suitable child for my last Japanese sticker. This was all pinky and flowery, definitely meant for the ladies. I spotted a smiling little girl waving in the distance as I approached her little village. She was walking with her brothers in the dusty village deep in the valley but her eyes were eyes of hope and joy of living. She was too shy to say her name but her joy at receiving such simple gift, something to behold. Her father thanked me too but it was I that had to thank all the friendly and beautiful people that made my stay in Morocco such a discovery and treat. Marrakech was an incredible entrance. Menno and I just cut right through the middle cycling our way in and out the maze of souks, losing our way before finally emerging into the central Jemaa el-Fnaa Square for farewells and a final cup of mint tea.