posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017

San Francisco

After a week long tropical break in Hawaii, my plans for a further few days cycling the wineries of Napa and Sonoma county were thrown up in the air. News of extensive forest fires ravaging the exact areas I had planned to cycle through, demanded an alternative plan. I could call it a day and return to the dark misery winter’s dawn of England or make the most of the warm and sunny days of California. The latter seemed a rather more appealing option to me; it had to be another few days spent cycling around San Francisco, for once free of any constraints, unhindered by any tight schedules and detailed maps. Armed with a large bag of succulent Hawaiian honey roasted macadamia nuts I would roam the Bay mountains and ocean roads, basking in the sun and spending what remained of my few left dollars. First was a relaxing days up and down the streets of San Francisco, reminding myself why I loved this city so much. The smokey scent of nearby fires filled the air and filtered every far sight in haze. I crossed the golden gate into Marin county and after a stop in Sausalito climbed up the Headlands in search of a night spot with a priceless view over the bridge. Forget the Fairmont, last night at Kirby’s Cove spot 1, I had the best view no money could have paid for. Right in front of my tent, a bright red Golden Gate reflected the last rays of sunshine.