posted on Sunday, October 01, 2017

Pigeon Point

As I was about to reach the top of La Honda I got a taste of fear. One of the most popular biking and cycling mountain roads connecting the Silicon Valley to the ocean on the other side, it winds up twisty and narrow. The fact that it is so popular with local cyclists made me think it would be relatively safe; it turned out anything but, at least on a Sunday... Hordes of software engineers, IT young millionaires or wannabe racers, were competing with their latest Ferrari and Porsches and powerful motorbike toys and this was their race track.
As I gently and slowly slogged my way up behind a tight bend I heard behind me a screeching of brakes and tires and found myself gently pushed up and off the side of road .
A lady emerged from the car, shaking and in tears as if she had just been hit by a car!
“Oh my god! Are you alright? I am so sorry...” she screamed in a shaky voice.
Despite my best effort to put this into perspective the wisest words I came up with were
“Go slow for f**k sake”.
“I mean, I could have killed you...!” she said, as if I needed reminding.
Luckily unhurt my attention was all for Bronte, who surely I thought would be damaged in some way. The back wheel was a little iffy and the rack was bent.
“Are you sure you are ok? I mean...can I give you a lift somewhere?”
She continued, by now a total wreck on the verge of a breakdown.
Given her current state and driving skills I thought it best to refuse.
“No thanks. Hopefully you’ve learnt something today and will be careful next time” said the wise man regaining some composure.
“Oh you are so nice” she sobbed.
“Well I am still alive, there’s still something worth being positive about”. I walked the remaining distance to the top where all the racers were celebrating their madness in the sunshine. One of them helped me to straighten my rack and magically the bike seemed a little wobbly but overall fine. Weary of some other damage and more bad driving I slowly dived down the other side heading for Highway 1 and the ocean.
Bronte once more surprised me and we safely reached the idyllic setting of Pigeon Point where an old lighthouse now functions as a hostel. The setting was magical, I had always wanted to stop here in my previous journeys and I had finally made it. Tested and a little dazed I soaked my fears in the hot tub overlooking the ocean, seals playing with the crushing waves.