posted on Friday, October 06, 2017


Taking advantage of a friend visit to Hawaii and the fact that I was in San Francisco I had planned a week visit to Oahu Island in Hawaii. Usually too far from Europe to even consider it I thought it would be my best and only chance to pay a visit to what since my childhood was the synonym of paradise on earth. At that time I never imagined to one day be able to spend some time there and the closest I could get to it was watching a Magnum PI series on television. Since childhood I had heard some mixed reports about the Main Island as it is also called. Most of them seemed to agree that they were indeed beautiful places and Hawaiians, wonderful  and relaxed people but in the end the message was that they were not worth the hype. Days were spent driving up and down the island on a Chevrolet often fighting for parking spots where there were none. An overcrowded paradise.
At least I had a chance to find out for myself that indeed there are beautiful scenic spots and great climate to enjoy but from an European perspective there are more impressive coastal resorts much closer to home.