posted on Thursday, October 06, 2016


I cannot set on a proper title for this new exciting chapter of cycling ramblings. 
If I were to admit it and be completely sincere, I would say that I have come to New England to admire the hues and colours of autumn leaves turning into the most outstanding shades of red, yellow and greens but this would be far too long a title and sound too sentimental and na├»ve. 
I need something coincise, stronger, inspiring, something that will motivate me to climb even the steepest hills and to face with bravery and courage, thunders, storms and the many nights camping chills.
Let's face it, pretty as it might be, autumn is moody, it sports quite a temper and is well known for not always being the most benevolent and kind to idealistic cyclists like me.
For simplicity's sake I will title it Leaves Spotting Thrills but to further enhance the motivation side of things, I decided to spice things up further. I declared myself to be a the self appointed only inspector and judge for the forthcoming Michelin Good Foliage Guide 2016 and of course dispense leaves not stars, to the most deserving villages and their trees.
Judges should be totally objective and unbiased but far from it, I seriously believe maples to have an edge and that they will decide who should win!