posted on Sunday, July 26, 2015


The Whistler Ironman organiser and me had a bad  planning day! This morning was not meant for any other sports but aquatics...I was lucky enough to pack my tent just in time to keep it dry but from then up to Whistler things got extremely gloomy and damp and proved it is possible to be wetter than wet! It was really cold too and what kept me going was seeing those poor souls competing in tight thin suits in a race where not only the weather was miserable but the distances to be covered too...After all who was I to complain when this  lot had 180 km left of cycling, 5 km swimming in a freezing lake and of course running a marathon to complete the ordeal? Dripping and frozen I didn't present my best self at the information office in Whistler where I had to keep my nerves really steady to swallow further grief on being told the hostel was not in the village but 8 km further ahead! The gentlest remark I could utter was 'you must be joking...' They were certainly not. My luck was to accidentally have planned only a short day cycling to rest and enjoy Whistler before the final descent to Vancouver. Reached the hostel misery levels greatly reduced, I did laundry, dried and warmed myself and in a few hours, with the rain having stopped and a timid sun shining through the thick clouds, I put Brontie back on a bus to the village to finally enjoy the beauty I could hardly appreciate just hours earlier. Although a bit too glamorous and fake it seemed quite an idyllic mountain retreat for those few that can afford it in style. As for me I just had a quick glimpse, then cycled downhill through the Valley bike trail, staying in a not too expensive hostel, really attractive and comfortable as it had been one of the Winter Olympics athletes accommodation in 2010.