posted on Thursday, July 23, 2015


Slept like a log in the train and started the day with three hearty pancakes and maple syrup. The first half of the day started following the Thompson river as it wound down towards Kamloops. I was expecting highway 1 to become rather unpleasant with traffic and this lasted well after the city as I had to cycle in a heavy traffic three lanes motorway where cycling was banned. I had stopped at the sign and not knowing where to continue I thought it best to ask at a bicycle shop. They all shrugged and suggested I should ignore the signpost and pedal on. What seemed to become a rather boring cycling day in traffic was rescued as soon as I veered off the main highway and left behind the Vancouver traffic wagon. I headed north on highway 97 which was pretty quiet and a real treat with the scenery that quickly turned into a dry landscape surrounding the beautiful Kamloops Lake. I would follow the lake to its end in the town of Savona. What was meant to be a short day staying in Kamloops became the longest ride I ever had on Brontie at 118 kilometres. Tired but happy to have left the busy traffic behind and to begin exploring these new and exciting landscapes.