posted on Friday, July 17, 2015

Rampart Creek

I woke up to a heavy drizzle and a very cold July temperature. As the day was not going to be too long I decided to head to the kitchen for a slow breakfast. The group of eighteen hikers mostly from Edmonton that had arrived last night were loaded with enough big boxes of food that could have got them to Everest base camp and back! I found out that they were staying for three nights and trek along the local trails. As the hours progressed more and more emerged probably drawn by the smell of fried sausages, bacon and eggs as much as I was; it all turned into a bit of an early morning breakfast party. Theo also joined in. By nine o'clock the sky got lighter and the hostel buzzed with packing activities of trekkers and cyclists preparing for their adventures. We all said goodbye wished good luck and that the sun would sometime shine on us.  I set off my uphill cycling to Columbia Icefield in a light rain but after an hour some blue spots opened in the sky. Seeing the road from the opposite perspective was completely different and going south meant I was also facing the sun for most of the day. I reached Rampart Creek where Alan and Melanie gave me  again a warm welcome and graduated from my previous stay it was soon time to take charge and light the fire so that the hostel population would be able to enjoy another amazing sauna! The rest of the evening was joyfully spent around the fire chatting and eating Smor ( marshmallow sandwiches with chocolate roasted over the flames ) the first original Canadian delicacy of this trip!