posted on Saturday, July 25, 2015


The night at Lillooet campsite was a bit troublesome and for once it wasn't Canadian Railways fault! Lots of music in the evening and when it was 4 am the campsite seemed to undergo a major evacuation with noise of dismantling tents and cars engines. A German couple cycling informed me that they were all competitors in a sturgeon fishing tournament that must have started at 5 am as these things do... Duffey Lake road to Pemberton was even worse than I imagined as far as difficulty but stunning landscapes again. It climbed with grades of 13% and as if it wasn't enough a strong headwind most of the way made it a really tough hurdle, It took about four hours of climbing and a few push of  the bike when steepness and winds almost ground me to s halt. I met the Germans on the way too, first time to meet other cyclists going my way. The satisfaction of reaching the top was dampened by a sudden thunderstorm that continued for all the descent and only stopped just before Pemberton. Luckily enough for my soaked self to dry before setting up camp at Nairn Falls provincial Park. Unexpectedly tomorrow is a big day in a Whistler where an Ironman race is on. This means I will have to start early an reach Whistler before they start closing roads!