posted on Friday, July 24, 2015


For some reasons I ended up doing another monster stage! I beat yesterday record and it wasn't intentional. My first stop was Cache Creek the last place I could get some breakfast and stock up on  food. After about 3 hours I reached Marble Canyon the campsite I had planned to stay in. The spot by the lake was interesting but the gravel pitches for tents not so. With the aim to catch up with my schedule on I went aiming for Lillooet! It was again a little more cycling than I would have wanted but highway 99 was quiet most of the day and often breathtaking with its grand views and the silence of the open spaces. Today the first signposts of Vancouver appeared reminding me that it will be only a few more days before this adventure will be over, still a lot more to look forward to, Whistler , descending for another shirt glimpse of the Pacific Coast before the city itself.