posted on Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lake Louise

Back in Lake Louise after completing the Icefield Parkway in both directions. Brontie has performed really well so far and from what I can tell the rack seems to hold on alright too. As predicted by the forecast the morning sky was finally cloudless and for the first time in Canada I would suffer the summer heat! I departed really early from Rampart Creek planning to reach Lake Louise in good time and be able to see the lake up the hill. I arrived here just before three but the climbs today were tough and together with the distance and heat, for the first time I did struggle a bit. After Saskatchewan Crossing the road started climbing in rather steep and long stretches that seemed very different compared to the time when I was enjoying them downhill! Once on top the effort was well worth it as I was able to start the long and gentle descent while staring at the beauty and amazing colours of Bow Lake and Waterfowl Lake under a shining bright sun. Arrived in Lake Louise I checked into the campsite and was soon joined by Sophie a student from Minneapolis who is taking her first solo trip with car and tent and will share my camping spot. After a well earned shower I headed up to the lake that despite beautiful was just too overcrowded with the five star Fairmont Hotel crowd and everybody else out on their Saturday weekend break. The traffic up an down the small road was atrocious but here is also where my bike came in handy. I struggled a bit uphill but could speed down fast while everyone else was patiently sitting in their cars and not getting anywhere. I was recommended the hostel restaurant and really enjoyed a massive meal whose main course was a elk burger! Tomorrow all the excitement of starting to move west, already satisfied by the adventure, yet ready for more and certainly looking forward to reach my beloved Pacific Coast!