posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Today was a short day of cycling, 54 kilometres mostly downhill to Jasper to complete the northbound section of the Icefield Parkway. Tomorrow will take the same road heading south in what feels like the start of another journey, from Jasper to Vancouver. On the way down to Jasper I first cycled under a blue sky and increasingly hot sun. Half way down I stopped at Athabasca Falls that were quite impressive despite having to peek at the waterfalls through a forest of Chinese tourists selfie sticks! As I was about to leave the sky had turned to a menacing lead colour and a heavy downpour surprised me with nowhere to hide like it is the case for pretty much all of the Icefield Parkway. I resigned to wetness, pulled out my rain gear and faced the rain for about thirty minutes or so. Arrived in Jasper nice and early and a bit damp I found out that not all was lost and I was about to enter what must be the best launderette in the whole word with everything a wet tourist cyclist could  wish for. Laundry facilities, three shower rooms, wifi, plugs to recharge gadgets and a cafe all in the same place! I decided to use one hour to reset myself to a presentable and perfumed state...Shaven, washed and with clean clothes and after three days of not much civilisation and proper food it was time to indulge in some serious eating. I chose a pizza place, ordering a very large one and a Caesar salad and coke that after few days of peanut butter diet, tasted real good!
Weather was still very mixed. I had planned to stay at Whistler campsite but weary to get back to damp in the morning my decision to book the last bed available at the hostel proved very well timed. No sooner than I arrived another big downpour started and I congratulated myself on not having had to pitch a tent for the night!