posted on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Honeymoon Lake

As far as scenery I believe today was the best part of the Icefield Parkway. I was really blessed as I could ride all day under a beautiful sun and a clear blue sky with just enough clouds to make my pictures more interesting. Views were constantly inspiring like yesterday, just much more wild and dramatic. The day started with a pretty hard ascent to an elevation of 2100 metres. Grades were steeper than I thought yet I managed to do it all on the saddle, helped by several breaks to catch my breath, drink, eat but mostly stare at the wonders all around me. The Icefield Centre was a very overpriced lunch but around here there are not many options and I have already learnt to grab all the food I can find as one never knows how long it will take before the next. Big glaciers and the icefalls, together with the centre souvenir shop, seemed to be a magnet for all the package tourists and the buses crowd; despite the nice scenery in front of me, I couldn't wait to be back on Brontie and to ride back to peace! I reached Honeymoon Lake campground and while cycling along the entrance way, a girl on a racing bike was energetically waving at me! I realised it was the Chinese girl that I had met at Banff hostel and had told me that the following day she would be joining a group tour, riding a racing bike from Jasper to Banff! Tomorrow will be almost a rest day with hardly 50 km to get to Jasper.