posted on Sunday, July 12, 2015


A bit of a rough side to the start of the trip...After making it to Calgary yesterday afternoon I took a 2 hours bus to Banff my planned starting point for the bike ride. As the shuttle bus moved closer to Banff abandoning the flat plains the first mountain silhouette appeared in the distance. Once reached the Rockies the landscape turned into awe inspiring sceneries,  vast forests of spruce and pines  towered by granite peaks. The shuttle took me at the front door of the Alpine Centre where I had booked my stay. Banff or the little I could see, seemed a very relaxed and pretty mountain resort. As I was completing the task of assembling my bike and sorting my gears, bathed in the sun I realised that my bike rack was damaged and my rear wheel not turning. All those idyllic vibes quickly evaporated as my thoughts started spinning and figuring out what I ought to do. Of course on my previous trip I had assembled the bike at the airport to inspect if the flight had caused any issues and knew a Brompton shop was at hand should I need it! This time I didn't and had to learn my lesson... In the morning I had to catch an early bus back to Calgary and a suitable shop! Justin the shop mechanic understood my sorrow and started looking at the bike rack. The bad news was that he didn't have a replacement for two more days but the good one is that with a few pull and pushes he put the crooked rack back in a decent shape. The wheel was perfect and the rest all in order and he thought that I might be able to ride on...
Now in Calgary waiting for the bus back to Lake Louise and eager to see if the gamble will pay off or if the cycling trip will end in a very long hitch hike instead!