posted on Friday, July 30, 2004


First day of this cycling trip in the Alps. The flight to Geneva was on time and the bike made it with only a minor scratch. From the airport I had to go through the town centre which was nice and at least I got a glimpse of how Geneva is like! I waisted no time as I had to begin my journey to the Route des Grands Alps. As expected the road got nicer and nicer and in the first 50km was surprisingly flat. The wind was also with me pushing me faster than I could. After 67 km I reached Sallanches the town where according to my plans I was meant to spend the first night on this tour. Despite being slightly tired from the early rise this morning I took the brave decision to jump ahead of schedule and aim for Chamonix, an extra 30km. After a gentle rise the road began to rise steeply at le Fayet but all this effort was more than repaid by the majestic views of Mont Blanc, a picture that stood in front of my eyes for almost two hours. The views got even better until I reached Chamonix that is at the foots of the summit and of the Aiguilles du Midi. I write this sitting in front of my tent in the campsite Marmotte admiring the sunset turning the snow of the mountain tops a beautiful purple. Weather and temperature are sofar ideal and traffic has not been too bad at all.