posted on Monday, September 08, 2014

Standish Hickey

Glorious riding day. It started out as a cool day biking through the other half of Avenue of the Giants, another display of enormous redwoods one is constantly staring up in awe. What was a chilly morning turned into a really hot day. It's nice to have met Spencer and Menno yesterday, I got to cycle with them here and there. Once reached Garberville, the Mecca of Californian hippies I bumped again into a guy from Slovenia I had met on the bus. He was with a black blind man and as I asked him if he was his friend he told me an interesting story. He said in fact he had been a couple of days with no money due to some issues with his credit card. He then met this man who wanted to go to Garberville but needed some help as he was blind. He also had terminal cancer and he said meeting him made his situation much more bearable as he thought how hard it would be was he in the same situation. Helping the man it turned out that he got food and motel costs taken care of too! Met other crazy cyclists along the road. Menno introduced me toe these two naive young boys from Quebec who are visiting a bike shop each day as they are riding cheap racing bikes with lots of weight. Their wheels are giving up not helped by their riding style too. Maybe not being very experienced they cycle in bursts, pedalling furiously to then of course crash half way through the day in total exhaustion together with their messed up bikes. Garberville also didn't do them any good as they are coughing like hell tonight having had a few more puffs than they should. To top it all off they are meant to get to San Francisco in three days to catch their flight, something which would probably take a bit of a miracle to achieve. Tonight in Standish Hickey everybody is writing their diaries and discussing plans for tomorrow under the music of crickets.