posted on Friday, September 19, 2014

San Luis Obispo

Today was a really fast ride into SLO! The usual feelings of happiness for having completed my tour mix with with the sadness of starting to realise that another great adventure has come to an end. This time there is still a little excitement left of having a couple of days left to visiting Los Angeles too, a place I have never been to.  The ride was about 60 kilometres long but it was much flatter than the past  two weeks and a strong wind was pushing me on faster than I had ever expected. My little wheeled Brompton worked wonders again and proved such a reliable bike that rarely goes unnoticed.
As I found a hot spot in the sun I took advantage of it and dried my tent before packing it for the last time and again the Austrian guy that by now I feel guilty of not knowing his name appeared and stopped too. We cycled on along Turri Road, the same little road with no traffic, I cycled onto ten years ago. Before I realised it I saw the sign of the city and on the way we bumped into James too, took a final picture with them and then we parted as ey were both heading further to Los Angeles by bike. San Luis Obispo is the pretty university town I remembered; it will be nice to spend the afternoon here stay in the same quaint Youth Hostel and maybe tonight once again, try the famous Pig sandwich at Firestone, the least healthy but tastier sandwich I have ever had!