posted on Thursday, September 04, 2014

San Francisco

Back in San Francisco the starting point of a new cycling adventure in California. After Spending three days in three different continents i landed here and today enjoyed a sightseeing day.
I love Fort Mason hostel, it's amazing location, friendly staff and generally good vibes. I can't say I generally sleep that well around here as it seems to also attract seriously competitive snorers from all over the world. It was here over ten years ago when in a room I stayed, a snoring duel ended in shouts by one of the contenders threatening to call the police as he couldn't sleep! Last night I got the full experience. Staying in the large coed dorm I knew I was in for a treat... The rants and groans built up into a cacophony that made closing ones eyes quite an achievement. Despite the interesting night I decided to make the most of the day and joined a free hostel guided walk tour of the hills of San Francisco, five hours of it! Henry the elderly volunteer running it, presented himself as a tough walker asking that everyone buys a bottle of water in order to make it, as if he was about to take us through the ago I desert. In fact we were always within reach of emergency services  and managed to keep up with his sprints up the steep hills.
The tour turned out to be energetic but full of interesting information and hidden spots that only a local like Henry could have known. He was very passionate and added interesting historic facts and stories that made us forget that our legs had in the meantime turned into wobbly jelly.
Now relaxing in fort mason lobby before setting off for the night bus journey to the California Oregon border and the town of Grant Pass where my cycling tour will get its official start.