posted on Friday, September 12, 2014

San Francisco

I made it to San Francisco, at least half way is completed! I left the campsite while Spencer was still tucked in his tent. He was taking a day off so we had already said goodbye last night.
I expected a pretty tough day. For once it was about 115 kilometres to cover to get to San Francisco. In Tomales I met once again the Oregon guys we had met the last couple of days. They are credit card touring and staying in motels so they seem to always get a head start on us campers! They said it would be a very hot day to which I said it was great since last year on this stretch of the road I was freezing cold and unable to see beyond arm length, enveloped in a thick fog for most of the day.
I had a blue sky all day but the heat was pretty extreme and at times I felt I had to really hide in the shadow and catch my breath. The temperature was a great help at lunchtime in Port Reyes where I bought some lunch at the local supermarket, sat on a bench in a local park and spread out my humid tent that didn't take too long to get dry. People around here are always friendly and a quick stop often means meeting new people and having a good chat and this was no exception. A friendly lady offered her garden lawn as a pitching camp for my tent too but Fort Mason was waiting for me.
Three quarters of the road covered, dehydrated and on the verge of a heat stroke I went into
Samuel Taylor campground to refresh, drink lots of water and cool down under the big trees.
The excitement of the Golden Gate looming ahead made me cover the rest, getting lost a bit in San Anselmo but eventually finding the right way to Mill Valley and Sausalito thanks to local cyclists. Riding the bridge is each time an experience, as if it was the first time I had done so. It is a spectacle to behold, the scenery all around is stunning and with no fog, this time I could take it all in very slowly, with lots of stops for filming and pictures too. I got to the hostel as the sun was about to set meaning that despite all the stops on the way, I had been riding from 8am to 7pm and my bum and legs finally really deserved a day break!
After tomorrow I will set off South. I will miss riding with Menno and Spencer but I am also looking forward to the new adventure heading south and after about ten years once again be riding up and down the Big Sur coast now only a few days away.

We enjoyed sharing these few days and I will sure miss Spencer and Menno on my ride to