posted on Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sam Simeon

Extremely challenging day! At night in wonderful Pfeiffer Sur campground I was awoken by a heavy rain fall and it didn't really stop by early morning so I had no choice but to start my day on a pretty damp fashion! After fifteen days of uninterrupted gorgeous weather it came as a bit of a shock. Not only rain but heavy fog prevented me from seeing much of the Big Sur coast for the whole morning and it was so thick that I had to ride with my lights flashing and being really careful descending the steep hills with my small wheels. The afternoon as I approached Gorda and then descended to San Simeon the sky opened up and I was at least able to dry out a bit and take a few shots of the remaining miles along the coast. I stopped at the sea lions beach that I remembered visiting in the past and was much more crowded this time. Once reached San Simeon state park James had just arrived and setting up is wet tent and we both discussed our challenging day! When darkness had descended and we were about to get to sleep, lights flashing appeared; it was the Austrian guy whom by now we thought he would have stopped somewhere else.  Went to bed to the news that Scottish voted to remain in England.