posted on Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Russian Gulch

Another day blessed by blue skies and a hot sun. Today was the climb over Leggett hill on highway 1 and back to the coast. With all the fog I got last year on this stretch of the road I was pretty weary to climb over the hill. In fact at a certain point I could see dense fog behind the mountains and really prepared for another cold and wet ride but somehow it was just a a little scary cluster that soon dissipated. I was really excited to finally see this bit of coast too!
I stopped at,the same cafe where I met Max last year and together with Spencer and Menno had a good chat before setting off each one on his own pace to the final destination of Russian Gulch.
I realised how fifteen years of internet has turned most people into addicts! Most cyclists stay in campsites with no connections so like the junkies in Garberville looking for weed, we are all pretending to be cycling down the coast but in fact are all desperately searching for a wifi spot!
I got to the campsite with Spencer and as Menno didn't seem to arrive we thought he probably changed his mind and stayed somewhere else but in fact at about seven his recumbent came down the steep hill to the hiker biker site with his flashing lights and a large sigh of relief!