posted on Monday, September 15, 2014

New Brighton Beach

Today ride was really easy compared to what I was used before San Francisco. The hills were much gentler and fewer and for most of the day a sweet tail wind pushed me on real fast. At the start I soon joined Amy and Victor and after having a bit of a chat I moved on as they have plenty of time and are taking easy and short days instead. Their usual parting phrase was 'keep the rubber down' which I suppose it must mean something like ride your bike upright, do not under any circumstance flip over and land on your head...I heed their good advice.  My first break for the day was Pigeon Point where the is a lighthouse and around it a few buildings that function as a youth hostel. It looked a really amazing and secluded place to spend the night but It was far too early in the day to even think about  stopping. After a long stretch of road with no towns or shops Davenport few restaurants made a good place to stop for a lunch. As I sat at the table there came Gina from Australia. She had obviously thought the same thing and she joined me for a very disappointing ceasar salad!
After a cloudy start the fog and clouds had burned off, as they say here, turning the second part of the day into a glorious sunny and hot afternoon. My usual navigation issues in cities meant that it took me a while to figure out how to get to the campsite but speaking to the ore cyclists they all seemed to have had similar complaints and thought they must got here the wrong way!
The campsite is great, writing this overlooking the ocean where dolphins and birds are having great fun playing with the wind and the waves. Tonight the youngest cyclists on the pacific coast joined the camp;  Jack and John twins about two years old, travel with their American dad and Thai mom on a trailer! Good bunch of cyclists tonight. Jeff from San Diego, Scott from Phoenix Arizona, Gina and it seems we are all heading to Monterey next so will see more of them.