posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The plan to take a shuttle ride to Monterey was changed at the last minute! I decided to ride it as I will still make it in time to San Luis Obispo, my final riding destination. Unlike ten years ago when I badly got lost riding through not so pleasant Watsonville this time I got most of the turns right and despite not having been a spectacular route it was better than expected! As I remembered it was farmland galore. Huge expanses of fields that seem to have no end and thousands of mostly Mexican labourers working in extreme heat. I must say I felt a little uneasy cycling and enjoying myself while they were involved in back breaking strawberry picking, their heads covered in hoods to protect them from the sun. Seeing more strawberries than I have ever seen in my entire life, I had to have a basket at a farm. They were one third the price in Monterey and probably twice as sweet too!
Monterey is one of those many Californian towns that seem  blessed with prosperity, sun, great sceneries, no wonder  making everybody who can afford to live here in an extremely good disposition!
Spending an afternoon around town, recharging phone, ipad, camera and legs before riding Big Sur from tomorrow where towns are really sparse for about 200 kilometres!
Back at the camp I should find some familiar faces of the cycling bunch I got into!