posted on Friday, September 05, 2014

Jedediah Smith State Park

Left Lone Mountain late as I knew it would be a short day to my favourite campsite. In fact the sixty kilometres were tougher than I thought maybe due to the fact that I didn't find a good place to have a hot meal sit down and rest my legs. Instead I survived on cyclists fuel,  bread and peanut butter, bananas, cookies and energy drinks! Roads were quieter than expected and so was the campsite. Just when I thought I will have another lonely night at Jedediah Smith hiker biker site James turned up, one of those cyclists whom don't know where they left from and where they are heading to. Like leaves following the wind, living day by day, seeing where their moods next take them! He was in his sixties full of funny stories and keen on challenges. He had no tent, just a tarp and sleeping bag, he said it was enough while camping in Colorado in sub zero temperatures and yes it was a challenge! He also mentioned that each time he travels to California he gets lighter and lighter as his stuff gets stolen bit by bit. When he's got nothing left he heads back to Virginia.  The evening got better as a private party with a three men bluegrass band started playing under the towering trees!