posted on Sunday, September 14, 2014

Half Moon Bay

After walking the hills of San Francisco with Henry at the start of my holiday, it was time to cycle the hills of San Francisco with the Brompton. Due to quite a bit of carelessness and not checking properly the city maps I ended up visiting quite a bit of unexpected hills trying to figure my way to Golden Gate park and out of the city. It took me a good hour to get on the right track, just as well that the journey today was not as taxing. Being Sunday I was also in for a bit of a shock as far as traffic was concerned. With another blue sky day and hot temperature forecasted, half of San Franciscans seemed to be heading on my same direction in search for a sandy beach and to get away from the city. So far along highway one traffic had been surprisingly low but certainly today was not the case! Pacifica, the next big town down the coast was another challenge and it was with some relief that I finally figured out my way onto highway one and in the right direction.
Despite those hiccups I managed to get to the Half Moon Bay camp in good time and meet some new cyclists at the hiker biker site. There are about ten people staying here tonight, so far I had a chance to meet Gina cycling from Australia and Amy and Victor a very experienced couple of cyclists that impressed me straight away as they pulled out a bottle of red wine and were drinking it in style too, in what seemed proper wine glasses! They have what seems to be a ten men tent and Victor said he likes to travel heavy, unlike me! Amy said he was such a keen biker that he had cycled everywhere in the world and as she put it, they even got married riding a bike through a chapel in Las Vegas! Indeed Victor seemed to be pretty experienced and being a Californian by birth he knows all the roads and camps along the coast. They went all over the place on this trip, leaving Arizona in April and heading towards Mexico next. He also advised on avoiding the last two days to Los Angeles as traffic there gets really heavy so I will have to decide if I will end my bike trip in San Luis Obispo or make it to Santa Barbara. For once it is nice to have enough time and flexibility and see what will come next! The campsite is right on the beach and tonight I was able to take some nice pictures of the sunset and will sleep to the soothing sound of crashing waves.