posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gualala Point

Today we woke up to a clear sky from the start of the morning no fog in sight for miles which is pretty unusual around here. I started the day with the usual coffee in Mendocino as it happened to be this time but really it was the wifi search again! Soon after starting the ride I met up with Spencer and our speed seemed to match nicely and we ended up riding together most of the day until we reached Gualala Point campground.
We cycled fast but it was a pretty gruelling day of constant climbs and descents where it was impossible to find ones rhythm. The fog came and went too many times but this year around it was much better than last year and it felt almost pleasant to cool down after baking in a really hot sun. Villages on this part of the coast are so sparse that I ended up stopping in the same places I had stopped last year. At the supermarket before the campsite we thought we would get a bottle of wine to celebrate our last day ride together but in the end Spencer decided to continue on tomorrow so will be riding together again. As far as Menno is concerned we were hoping he would turn up late but this time he never did so I might not get a chance to say goodbye. Instead Kyle from Montreal turned up wearing jeans and a hood and unusually doing the route south to north. Then after him a couple from Colorado whose knees have given up in both of the and from tomorrow that will take a bus and head back home instead of completing their intended trip to San Diego.
Two days left to the stop in San Francisco when I will get a chance to get a day rest, and restore my energies ready for the other half of the ride to Los Angeles.