posted on Saturday, September 06, 2014

Elk Prairie

I remembered this day being a fantastic ride from last year. First exiting the campsite the climb on 199 towards Crescent City is stunning through massive redwood groves. Even more is the last few miles before Elk Prairie. Newton Drury lane is a scenic road off highway 101 and there is the grandest display of massive trees lasting all the descent to the campsite.
I didn't meet any cyclists but once at the campsite some had already pitched their tents and more trickled in as the evening went on. It looks like tonight there might be about ten of us.
One of them is a girl who is touring with her small dog and has done so since May when they left New Jersey! The dog she said by now knows exactly what to do  and as night fell and was chatting with them and asked where the he was she confirmed he had retired to the tent to sleep. Last year in october I remember spending the coldest night here, one month seems to make a big difference and despite feeling fresh it is surely much milder this time around.