posted on Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bodega Bay

I completed even this stage and will be right on schedule into San Francisco where Fort Mason hostel is booked for two nights and a deserved rest day. Menno had made contact saying he would make it here tonight but all the hills got to him and he stopped just short which means that I won't be able to say goodbye. It was great to cycle with him and as he once said we all got inspired from each other during these few days. Again today it was mostly me and Spencer at times sticking together other times just setting off on our own to then catch up again. Fog was quite thick at times but often there were also breaks of blue sky and hot sun to warm up, much better than the soggy ride I had last year. On top of the biggest hill of the day the sun was really hot and I took the good decision to take out my tent and my clothes to dry and get some fresh air before diving into the fog again. Tomorrow will be by far the longest day so far but will have all day to ride it and won't have to worry about time to pitch my tent as I will have a proper bed and a hot shower waiting for me.