posted on Monday, October 07, 2013

Sleepless in Seattle

Just as I was thinking that all standby ticket gods had abandoned me and was resigning myself to return home and delay my departure to a better day, forty minutes before departure time, my name flashed on the screen and I was sprinting to check in my bike and to make it to the gate on time. This being a Seattle bound flight! Everybody around me seemed to work for Microsoft and I had never seen so many Nokia Windows mobile phones in such a limited space. My seat neighbour even produced a Zune media player!
Arrived at Seattle Tacoma airport I found a quiet corner to open my bike bag and was really relieved to find out that it was in as good a condition as I had left it in London.
Put the bags on the bike and briefly cycled to get the light rail train to the city centre. Seattle seems a very cycling friendly American city, the train had lots of dedicated space for bikes and all along the way I could see public buses with bicycle racks too!
The outskirts of the city are very attractive,  with colourful and large wooden mansions immersed in forests of huge trees. Lots of green everywhere.
I found the Seattle City hostel and was welcomed by very friendly Luke and Giulia and two guitars hanging up on the lobby walls!
A visit to a local Subway reminded me I left England. The middle aged woman taking care of my sandwich was really outspoken... I asked her if it was possible to have a small size coke and off she went with such remarks as 'Small is bad, big is good baby'. 'You have nice hairy legs, is your chest hairy too?' I decided it was time to say thanks and get myself out fast when she asked me to show her my chest! Definitely customer service with a twist... like I would never experience in my frequent Japanese travels! Tomorrow bus to Portland then hopefully off to the woods on the way to the coast.