posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

San Francisco

Being back on the coast, I woke up to a surprise reunion with my friend the fog yet all that was left was covering the few miles left to San Francisco, my goal for this trip. The road following the coast was pretty steep in places with lots of switchbacks and I was grateful it would be a short, few hours ride as with no days off in the last two weeks, my leg muscles were feeling slightly painful and tired. I was really excited to see my final destination approaching and somehow also a bit sad to realize that this great adventure was about to get to an end. After getting a bit lost trying to find the coastal trail I had walked many years ago, I cycled past Sausalito and eventually got to the grand entrance and best of crossing lines that is the Golden Gate Bridge. All that remained was proudly cycling over, after many years to what is so far my favourite city in the world where I would be a tourist for a couple more days.
Words are hard to find to express how grateful I feel to have been able to experience this long ride, see the places I have seen and meet the people I have met over these sixteen days.
They will be never forgotten like my little Brompton bike that despite the disbelief of most people carried me most reliably and safely home with nothing more than one single puncture!
I feel this part of the world attracts me like no others and the only way to leave it, is to promise that I will come back again soon and wonder once more at the sight of those waves and those trees.