posted on Sunday, October 20, 2013

Manchester Bay

I spent one hour this morning drying up and doing some laundry at Lucy's in Fort Bragg. It wins the award as best launderette visited so far, with free coffee, a friendly attendant and a nice big sign up the wall saying 'keep calm,we have wifi'. The morning had started with a blue sky but as it was the case yesterday afternoon, by the time I started cycling, a dense fog descended on highway 1. The road in this section was really enjoyable and I took my first food stop in Mendocino the county main town that seemed quite an exclusive place given the prices of sandwiches and coffees!
After the frustration of riding in the fog and missing all those vista points, I gave up all hopes of a clear up and decided to enjoy the experience and this unusual atmosphere.
I had a short stop in Elk trying to dry the tent. There I had my first live encounter with the effects of  Tourette syndrome; an elderly man appropriately met standing right in front of the village church seemed to be training for a swearing olympic medal.
As I told him I had come from Portland he opened with a mild 'Jesus Christ' but it was all downhill from then as every other word used had a God d... punctuation in it, that even the worst baddies in a  Hollywood western blockbuster would probably manage to replicate.
I made it to Manchester Bay first, followed by two American friends from Idaho and finally by Max still going strong with his canoe and fully furnished trailer.
It's been quite chilly the last few nights so after an appropriately named 'bomb burrito' replenishing all the lost energies, I took cover in my tent, wore everything I could wear and wrapped up warm  hoping the sun will finally heat things up again tomorrow.