posted on Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mackerricher State Park

Today it really felt as if I went through four seasons in a day. I started early leaving camp eager to warm up from close to freezing temperatures. Ahead was probably the toughest day so far, lots of hills to climb including the infamous Leggett, where a right turn onto Highway 1 brings you across the mountain range and back to the coast and the ocean. The climb was really pleasant, a very warm sun, hardly any traffic a winding and interesting road completed by a terrific descent. Once heading down the coast though, there was a dramatic change, from a hot sunny day I dived into a freezing fog that brought temperatures back to winter. I was hoping the mist would be temporary as it often is around here but this time it was here to stay, I was out of luck and it went on all the way to the camp.
I met an Austrian cyclist called Max carrying a huge load on a trailer, including an inflatable canoe!
By then he had been cycling around the US for five months and had a big beard to show it! He said he didn't get a chance to use the canoe as much, complained about all the ups and downs along the coast that were breaking his rhythm and killing his knees; I just felt sorry for him having to drag along all that stuff that he didn't get to even use! Tonight early to bed, trying to keep warm wrapped in a thick and chilly fog. The Golden Gate and San Francisco now only three or four days away.