posted on Sunday, October 13, 2013

Humbug Mountain

Glorious day! All tv channels this morning agreed on one thing, there would be sun sun and more sun.
I left early for what would be a long riding day, covering almost one hundred kilometres. As it is usual in this part of the world a blanket of fog covered the landscape for the first few hours before the sun warmed up and the curtain lifted up. This of course made the landscape very atmospheric and an ideal condition to take pictures. The rest of the day was blue, huge skies and a strong tailwind pushing me faster than I would have ever been able to. I met a couple of Swiss and we had a brief chat and exchange some route ideas. By twelve I had covered two third of the way so I could relax on a bench at a shut café in Langlois, enjoy the sun and see who was passing down the highway.
My biscuits diet got a bit boring and I took advantage of the open grocery store to have a hot dog.
At that point the Mexican Express came! Two sisters from Southern California riding fancy racing bikes with a trailer from Canada all the way to Mexico. As it often happens they too were fascinated by my little bike and wanted to take pictures of it. They had met Kevin on their way and confirmed he would be staying at Hambug Mountain as well.
What was left to ride was the most spectacular coastline, highway 101 at its best, contouring the high cliffs with breathtaking vistas of crashing waves and the vast ocean on one side and mountains and thick forests on the other.
The camp nested in a deep and narrow valley had the best hot shower so far, perfect to refresh me. Soon Kevin and his guitar appeared, I got some logs and we spent the evening sitting by a warm fire chatting, playing guitar and singing songs. As we heard lots of weird noises in the darkness the topic switched to bears. I got some Canadian wisdom on the subject; if you meet a grizzly bear with a cub play dead, if on his own climb up a tree. If you meet a black bear make yourself look big...whatever that means I am not sure and confront them and fight! Brown bears are a bit of a ...brown area. This set me off to a stressful good night.