posted on Monday, October 14, 2013

Harris Beach

On this rain prone coast all the cyclists were blessed again with an amazing day of sunshine and the whole important tailwind, always our best friend! I rode most of the day with Kevin and we started under the propitious auspices of his guidebook that announced this one to be the best riding day on the coast. In fact for most of the time we were riding staring at awesome views of the ocean lots of rocky islets and crags and lulled by the crashing waves. It also felt much warmer than it had been in the previous days, the midday sun reminding me that not all of summer has gone yet. The mileage today was not meant to be too much, still with all the times I had to stop to take pictures or just observe in awe the scenes unfolding in front of my eyes, no wonder progress was pretty slow. We ate at a cafe and then Kevin left earlier while I thought I would digest all the french fries I had and make the most of the wifi signal to check my emails. After lunch at one of the endless view points I met up again with the Swiss couple, we had a nice chat together and when I asked how long was their holiday, they said nonchalantly one year and a half as if that was a perfectly normal time off to take! I experienced some real kindness today too, when I left my sunglasses behind at the restaurant; after about twenty minutes I had been cycling, a pick-up truck overtook me, pulled down his window while shouting something unintelligible which I assumed to be some kind of cyclist abuse; on the contrary he stopped and handed out of his lowered window my sunglasses!
 I reached Brookings Harris Beach, another great State Park campsite, this time very close to the beach. It is Thanksgiving day in Canada today and all my fellow  travellers being Canadian tonight, we had a bit of a party, with a large fire and lots of food and drinks. Oregon has been very kind to me leaving some unforgettable memories of these last few days, tomorrow I will look forward to enter Northern California and get close to the giant redwood trees I love so much.