posted on Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coos Bay

I was woken up by a light drizzle, as James had informed us last night, it would be mostly raining today.
Because of this and the humidity accumulated in my last three days camping I decided I should give in to some comfort and check into a motel for the night. I found a great room in Coos Bay with breakfast included; now it is yet again laundry or more accurately, drying time and the local launderette seems to be owned by some very stingy character. You need a charging card to use anything included the bathrooms and fares are double compared to my last place. I must admit I am becoming a bit of a laundromat buff!
Highway 101 today was not as exciting as it had been the last two days, mostly due to the fact that it veered away from the coast and only for brief moments I could catch glimpses of the ocean. Otherwise it was a sequence of never ending and boring flat, straight stretches that seemed to never end. Leaving the campsite first, I never crossed path with any cyclist today. Kevin like myself is heading to San Francisco and James to Northern California so I wouldn't be surprised to meet them again soon.
The boring long stretches of road were a conducive terrain to find some alternative means of entertaining myself and I thought of nothing better than keeping count of all the food it takes to ride my bike... Up to my early arrival at three in the afternoon, I went through a packet of 9 large chocolate cookies, 4 bananas, 1 cheese and jalapeño taquito, half a litre of almond milk, a chocolate brownie cake slice and two boiled eggs! Of course large dinner at a restaurant tonight too. After all  one of the joys of cycling is that you never think you shouldn't eat something, rather always think what you could eat next! Tomorrow back to camping along the ocean, and hopefully staying dry and clean too.