posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beverly Beach

The day started out dry and I cycled with James the guy from Portland I met at the campsite, along Sandlake Road. After the first uphill stretch through the forest we descended the quiet road admiring the most strange landscape of pines surrounded by dunes of sand that must have been blown from the coast. James was hungry and decided to stop for breakfast in Pacific City while I decided to continue on soon reaching for the first time Highway 101 the road that will take me to San Francisco. Being the main road that follows the pacific coast all the way south from Canada it's a big road but for most of its length one lane is reserved for cyclists. Before Lincoln City the mist and clouds got thicker and rain started to pour down. Feeling a bit damp and cold once reached the town I couldn't resist the laundromat sign and thought it would be a good time to do my first laundry wash, dry the rest of my staff and hope that in the meantime the weather would improve.
The gamble paid off and by the time my clothes were dry it stopped raining and I was soon heading south a happy and dry cyclist.
Soon after I caught up with Kevin, a Canadian I briefly met at Cape Lookout campsite the night before. Shortly in the distance I recognised James ever flashing rear light and we all got together cycling the rest of the way to Beverly Beach, our common destination.
Most cyclist aim for camping sites with hot showers which are free for bikers and this means that often our destination coincide and surely will be crossing familiar faces for the rest of my trip.
At Depoe Bay we took a diversion onto Otter loop the stunning little road that used to be the old highway. A break from the traffic and winding its way up and down a thick forest with stunning views of the ocean. We reached camp and joined the ever increasing community of cyclists, all pitching up tents at the hiker biker site. Laundry and rain delays meant that I had only eaten biscuits the whole day not finding the right time for a proper hot meal so Kevin very kindly cooked some extra rice with veg and sausages that seemed a real treat for my empty stomach. If Kevin is the mobile grocery,  James is the liquor store always carrying in his heavy load assorted beers and whisky! Kevin's final trick was producing from his traveling wardrobe a small guitar and asking if I minded if he played! Not a bit I said and was able to get my hands on it too until the night got chilly and it was time to curl up in the tent.