posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013

Privateering Tour

Just back from Royal Albert Hall, having seen Mark Knopfler in his new Privateering european tour. After Get Lucky a couple of years ago I think I appreciated this concert even more despite the not too good view I had from my seat. Mark songs like it is often the case with any art, need some digesting and listening before they grow inside and turn into the masterpieces they really are. Two years ago I only knew few of the Dire Straits classics he still performed but then for the first time I also got to know many more songs I loved but had never heard before! Some of the ones he regularly plays are true masterpieces, Telegraph Hill particularly is a piece that the more I hear the more I think how extraordinary it is for a musician to compose something so intricate and beautiful and even more perform it like he does in front of thousands of fans in the best arenas around the world.
As I was watching him live I couldn't help but wonder what a strange life it must be to be adored and loved by fans on a stage one night and then maybe waking up the following morning living as every other human being does, nothing more nothing less...