posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to move!

After almost 5 years sharing Ken and Simon's house it was about time to move. I guess this was even more true as finally for the first time in the UK I can say I did find an affordable place that I really love. Luton with its not very exciting reputation but value for money rentals proved the best place to move to. First it is near my friends at Fairlight and secondly the area the flat is in is actually very peaceful and pretty despite being very central with easy access to shops and everything I might need. I can walk to the station in about 5 minutes and from there trains take only 25 minutes to get to King's Cross in central London so going downtown will be ever quicker than from the less distant Watford. Timing is everything and it also happened that last week a brand new multi million swimming and fitness centre with machines from the olympics village just opened and seems to provide all I need and much more as far as keeping fit is concerned. Will definitely miss Tiger the ginger cat who had become my best buddy in these last few years and for sure miss the wonderful garden and the time I spent playing guitar in the sun there yet the new place after only a week of living there feels already like home.