posted on Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chasing the Sun in Cornwall

After many years spent in England I had never gone as far as Cornwall. Lands End to John O'Groats is the traditional tip to toe of England, at least I started from the toe will see if i ever make it to Scotland too one day. Since June rain has been a constant so I was prepared to get the full british summer experience in what are meant to be the best coastal resorts in the island. The weather didn't disappoint and most days me and Mika were chasing the sun driving around otherwise really amazing places. Places like Lands End and St Ives seemed to be the Caribbean when the sun was shining, with sandy beaches, remote bays and an emerald crystal clear ocean. Only the green all around and the drizzle every now and then reminded us where we were. Also food was exceptionally good, every we ate was a treat, especially fish of course. Mornings always started with huge english breakfasts that were served by our B&B hosts and made us go through the day without ever thinking of food until dinner time! I had never driven so much in my entire life as most of our days were spent going from place to place and stopping for walks and lots of pictures. One of the most interesting and scenic spots was Minack Theatre, an amazing open air theatre built right on the cliffs with incredible ocean views and a very attractive garden too. Most interesting was the history of the place, the lifetime effort of Rowena Cade, a woman whose passion for theatre made her almost single-handedly devote her entire life to shape this natural amphitheatre adding slowly new parts and even carving details on each stone with a screwdriver until well in her eighties...a very remarkable character she must have been!