posted on Sunday, November 27, 2011

Insanely great!

Just finished reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson a really interesting look into the life of an extraordinary person that has transformed the way we live our lives. Being a Mac addict for over ten years myself, reading the book definitely gave me some insights into what was behind the person that drove computer technology from a geek passion in the 70s, to a business reality in the 80s, to an accessible consumer product that everybody love to use. One of his greatest vision was to realize that the greatest application of technology was to be found at the crossroad with humanities. This insight turned PC from work tools that most would be happy to shutdown at work to computers that in different shapes and sizes we use to enrich our life and never want to switch off. A small device you can always carry with you in your pocket or in a small bag now can hold your entire library, your music, your movies, link to the web, take pictures, shoot videos, become a canvas to paint on with your fingers, a piano you can play or a guitar you can strum and all this with a simplicity that has made user manuals redundant. Then there is the design that turns something wonderful to use into a work of art that is beautiful to look at. His Zen training probably influenced the minimal taste the uncluttered beauty that can be created when you realise that often less is more. Like more geniuses and the book of course makes it very clear, Steve Jobs was a man full of contradictions sensitive but also ruthless, humble and arrogant, caring but also extremely mean but in the great scheme of things it was all very much worth it!
Insanely great, thanks Steve.