posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Malga Gulva

Yesterday, last day in Rovereto I joined my dad for one of his regular events up in the mountains. This time the occasion was the inauguration of a 'malga', mountain stone houses used originally by shepherd's and their herds . Often in desrepair  and unused they are given to local groups for a number of years free of rent but on the  agreement that some basic maintenance work and upkeep is carried out. This particular one called Malga Gulva, was really hidden up a valley I had never been too. Just next was the source of Leno the river that winds down to Rovereto. Water there was really pure and drinkable but as custom demand in such events, vastly ignored! 54 litres of red wine instead kept the event jolly and cheerful, despite the clouds and chilly wind. Like each time I go to the mountain with dad I ended up meeting lots of familiar faces, a trip down memory lane to all those Sundays when unwillingly I was dragged up to 'il Bivacco'!