posted on Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roger Hodgson, Royal Albert Hall

I must have been eight or nine years old when at a friend's house one summer I heard for the first time some timeless songs. Almost 20 years later hearing them again and again did I figure out who was behind that wonderful music and rushed to buy a CD;  the band was Supertramp and the title of the album, Breakfast in America to this day one of my favourite albums ever. Who would have ever thought that after 10 more years I was to find out that the person who wrote and sang most of those songs is now after many years away from the limelight back on tour and performing those very songs. Few nights ago with all the expectations and memories those songs bring I finally saw Roger Hodgson live at Royal Albert Hall; with his own different band but still with the same amazing voice and passion for 2 hours I could witness one of the best concerts I am likely to ever have seen. It just seems incredible that a teenager could have had the talent to write so many songs that 30 years later still get people jumping on their seats, crying and then laughing.  All the band was fantastic and I am sure I will never again miss the opportunity to see this man live. The power of music!