posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake

It is a bit surreal, coming to Japan yesterday, after 3 days of non-stop news about the immense disaster caused by the 7th worst earthquake ever recorded. I know how much television can sometime show the most gruesome of events yet never quite convey the reality of what is really happening on the ground. I felt this when I first visited India and saw the same poverty that I had seen on TV and therefore thought I really knew but it was the first time I could get a feel for it and see what it really meant for people who live in that situation. In the same way now I watch at this picture that describes so much more than any words can yet know that the pain of those hundred of thousands of people affected is much more than that. What is so unsettling in all those images of the earthquake's destruction is to see how solid things like a house or a road in short people lives, were wiped out by a force that no power in our hands could ever control. The impermanence that still operates but is often hidden in our lives was apparent when those waves took everything away in a matter of seconds. I pray for all those unfortunate people to find hope and one day be able to smile again.