posted on Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impermanence of a Holiday, time to go back!

Already time to return. This being the rainy season weather had not been bad at all, most days with short downpours that made the temperature more bearable. The only exception was today as all morning a light rain kept trickling down. I didn't mind that much as I had to get ready and all I was planning was a dip in the pool. Instead it was very nice to read on the balcony and relax with the sound of the raindrops, birds and frogs. Last night I was woken up by some loud and strange noise that seemed to come from some kind of creature. Probably I will never find out whether it was anything I should have been worried about; the creature after a sudden burst of excitement fell silent for the rest of the night and I fell asleep in my ignorance. After a chat with Michael, Brahma and Madi it was time to leave for the airport and soon time to taste my last Mie Goreng and avocado juice. What will remain in my memories of Bali will be mostly the peaceful and gentle nature and smile of its people a reflection of the the warmth and peace that is everywhere on this welcoming island.