posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Day in Sanur

First full day in Sanur. I got my scooter delivered at 9am and after a delicious Balinese breakfast with tasty strong coffee, nasi goreng a kind of fried and spicy rice, I set off. As the bungalows are on the outskirts of the town I first had to make sure that I would find my way back especially since i was warned that signposts are not that many around here and that a favourite past-time is giving them a 90 degrees turn every now and then. A  challenge to know on which road exactly one is... Second task was getting the rusty biker in me to brush up on the basics of riding safely, faking confidence in chaos! I found my way back alright but very often I did not have the slightest clue of where I was heading and it was just a great help that petrol seems as cheap as water around here so lots of getting lost to be done! Asking for directions here is potential for business, so it takes a bit of diplomacy each time. 'I can drive you to Nusa Dua just follow the way do you want a statue, a batik painting...' kind of situation. Nusa Dua was recommended as one of the nicest beaches within reach. Took me a couple of hours to get to and despite having been warned that Bali's sea is not the best I wandered through some fancy hotels gated areas with beautiful garden and had a good swim in a very warm ocean. More getting lost on scooter followed until I reached Sanur and going up and down the main road realised what a nice place it is, full of interesting shops, restaurants and bars. Then it was time for a long due haircut. The barber was not in the shop and seemed to have a bit of a hard time being convinced by the lady who phoned him, that he was the gents barber after all and to please turn up for work; not the nicest of intros for a good haircut. After 5 long Balinese minutes he finally turned up looking sleepy but certainly not merrier... Then he couldn't find his glasses and I started imagining how much damage could a sleepy pissed off barber with poor sight do with a razor in his hands. He didn't do too bad given the nasty mood and he remarkably cheered up when it was time to get his fee! In the evening more 'scootering' and having dinner and a long walk along Sanur beach. Tomorrow will pick up Mika at the airport, an expert rider ready for more adventures in Ubud.