posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arrived in Bali!

After this fierce english winter start, what better time to appreciate the warmth of Bali, a place I heard so much about over the years. What was often missing from those reports were the 16 excruciating hours of flying it takes to get here but who doesn't spice up holiday reports after all... Going back and forward two times from Japan didn't help either still after 3 movies and a whole series of 'Yes Minister' here I am still breathing in tropical Bali, an explosive mix of jet lag mess! Imade, the driver arranged by the hotel kept his word, turning up punctual, my name plate held up high competing for the best spot with the aggressive bunch of airport pickup drivers. Finally reached Tropical Bali Bungalows and was welcomed by the very 'gay and cheerful' Michael. I had read reviews about his hospitality as well as the talents of Brahma the chef whom I assumed to be the Balinese wife. But the driver soon crashed my stereotypes of a mixed race marriage, Brahma was after all also Swedish and very much belonging to the male species... Well to his full credit his cooking talent was real and produced a very nice grilled tuna steak with green curry vegetables and rice. After 24 hours of airlines meals this was even more appreciated! Michael then was full of good tips on things to do and already set me up with a day scooter tomorrow and lots of ideas for the remaining days with Mika who is joining after tomorrow. After a dinner in my little forest veranda i was further treated by a mighty tropical storm with power cut thrown in to enhance the overall atmosphere. What more can I ask for the first few hours...a good night sleep?