posted on Sunday, August 22, 2010

Plum Jam!

Took a while but finally had a go at making jam! The plum tree in the garden was just so full of fruits that it needed some quick thinking and some hard decisions. As usual most of the crop goes into Ken's liquor making but as he wasn't keeping up with it this year, I threatened to turn all of them into jam... The thing is that despite being the first time I ever did it, the result was pretty impressive and now there are about 17 jars full of delicious jam ready to cheer me up on those dark winter morning's breakfasts. Also had to go to the neighbours to get extra jars and still there is more than half a tree still full of sweet plums to be picked. By the way the trick worked and Ken is now downstairs busy to sort out his last year liquor and make space for the new lot to go in.