posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mark Knopfler at Royal Albert Hall

Few days ago I had the chance to see another guitar hero in concert. I suppose what Tommy Emmanuel is to the acoustic guitar, Mark Knopfler is to the electric guitar. Once in the rock limelight with Dire Straits as the leading man in the band he still performs some of those hits I have almost grown up with but also lots of new wonderful songs that I must say I had not heard before. At Tommyfest a norwegian guy I met had mentioned to me that he thought he was the best songwriter so I thought I could not miss the concert and the opportunity to hear his music. Being more of an acoustic fan myself and having often seen the genius that is Tommy Emmanuel playing live I thought I might end up with a disappointment. This was not so as the music, style of playing and mostly instruments are so different that there was no point in comparing them. All was left were 2 amazing hours of wonderful music in a fantastic venue that is the Royal Albert Hall. Definetely worth each penny!