posted on Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tommy Fest UK 2010

Tommy Fest in full swing. Yesterday was such a special day. Started by watching a live performance of  Maneli Jamal whom I had discovered on youTube. I knew his composition were really special and he played them with great passion and skills. Then 4 o'clock came and I just strolled to the large concert hall where Tommy was up on stage testing the sound system with all his guitars. Knowing the man I knew this was no ordinary sound check and in fact it felt a bit like a mini concert with some of my favourite tunes thrown in too like  'the mystery'. To just say how nice he was one guy who was sitting there while he was testing things just asked about a tune he hadn't heard him play on stage and the answer came: 'I can just play it now for you!' Went home for a short break and a quick bite before looking forward to my second Tommy concert. Like the day before he was supported by the Frank Vignola trio who are currently touring with him in Europe. Frank Vignola actually opened the show with some amazing guitar riffs and blistering fast licks and after one hour of wonderful music Tommy came out and knew he had to raise the bar and boy he did! He just played with such passion and intensity that the crowd was more often than not up on their feet, shaking their heads in disbelief but mostly with a huge smile on their faces :)
Effortless mastery that was summed up in a few words Tommy said after one of the many standing ovations and crowds getting mad: 'I am having so much fun that I can't believe I am getting paid for this'!
Pictures of Tommy Fest UK 2010