posted on Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meeting a guitar legend

Finally after a couple of years finding out about him on youtube and then spending most of my free time trying to learn his songs and seeing him live in London back in january the time had come to meet my hero! I was really lucky that this year Tommy Fest UK, one of the many festivals organised for him all over the world, was held just 15 minutes away from home, at Elliott Hall in Harrow. I spent the last week making the most of it ending up seeing 4 live concerts ( probably more than i have ever seen in my life so far! ) as well as a workshop. Concerts were one better than the other and due to his amazing repertoire they were all unique in their own way. Frank Vignola trio, the New York jazz trio that supports him on the european tour, were also fantastic and played some amazing music at times with Tommy as support with his Kalamazoo 1934 Gibson guitar. Just the story of this guitar shows what a kind heart Tommy has. 2 years ago while on tour in Holland Tommy finds out a fan wanted to present him with a gift. He finds out this fan was someone who had advanced cancer and couldn't come to his concert but had a special guitar he wanted him to have. Hearing this he says he wants to go to his place and play for him there and so he does. He goes to the man house and finding out he loves the Beatles starts to play for him and sing along by his bedside some of their hits! This person would die only 4 days after what must have been one of the greatest gift he ever received in life. To end an already beautiful story he now tours using that same guitar that he asked the man to sign with his name well visible. What a man!